Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

2022 Kalgoorlie Aboriginal Film Festival

2022 Kalgoorlie Aboriginal Film Festival: Save the date!!

The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre Aboriginal Corporation (GALCAC) running the 2022 Kalgoorlie Aboriginal Film Festival again!

The festival runs from Monday 4 to Friday 8 July 2022. 

Films run every evening at Orana Cinema Kalgoorlie starting at 6pm.

Tickets are free and will be available at GALCAC from 1st June 2022. Tickets are a max of 4 per person and bundles of tickets will not be provided for services. 

A bit shout out ‘thank you’ to Screenwest for funding for the 2022 Nintila Kalgoorlie Film Festival!! Without these funds, the festival would not run.

A big THANK YOU to Regional Arts Australia for funding for this event.

For more information, contact GALCAC.  Or phone (08)9021 3788  email: