Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

Linguistic Internship

Linguistic Internship

Linguists and Linguistic Student

The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre (GALCAC)  welcomes interest from qualified linguists and linguistic students in their final year of study, for a 2 to 4 week linguistic internship.

The minimum period of time for a field placement is 2 weeks. Linguistic interns will need to fully fund their travel, accommodation and meals costs. (train costs to Kalgoorlie is cost effective and great accommodation at hostels can be found).

Linguistic interns will work on specific projects related to their skills and study area, and will be mentored and supervised by GALCAC linguists through the internship. You will learn to use a lexical database system, a digital archive system and hard copy archives containing material specific to the Goldfields region, and in particular to languages of the region. You will also undertake cultural competency training and ‘speak, read and write Goldfields Aboriginal languages’ training as part of the internship.

The chance to undertake field work by accompanying a linguist on a field trip can be available if field work is your area of need. Costs related to field trips are covered by GALCAC.

GALCAC welcomes interest from universities to establish field placements for linguistic students or assistance with thesis topics for Masters and PhD students.

For further information and to register your interest in undertaking a short-term linguistic internship, phone the Senior Linguist on (08) 9021 3788 or email

Archive intern, Naomi Crago (at computer), with GALCAC staff March 2021
Archive intern, Rosie Virgona (red jacket), with GALCAC staff