Digital books, GALCAC newsletters , alphabet charts and body part charts are available to read online and download for free. 

Digitised Books

GALCAC has digitised rare books related to the Goldfields Aboriginal languages and/or people, to make them available. 

GALCAC accepts donations of rare or out of print books from authors, for digitisation and inclusion on this website.

GALCAC does not necessarily agree with the author’s views or the information they present. Reader’s discretion is advised when reading historical material as some material or phrasing may be offensive today.

All books are digitised under agreement with the authors or descendants of copyright holders.  

Alphabet and Body Part Charts

Alphabet and body parts charts in every Goldfields language are available.

These are provided as free downloads.

GALCAC also stocks large, laminated copies of these charts for $40 each. Purchase at GALCAC or  in our online shop