Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities


Understanding how language exists and operates is crucial to understanding how to better adapt a working environment for all employees. GALCAC seeks partnerships with a range of businesses and workplaces to:

  • Establishing economic development and employment for the Indigenous community;
  • Expand the implementation of the Master Apprentice Language Learning Program;
  • Seeking long term funding for the financial sustainability of the language revival process;
  • Linguistic database development;
  • Community engagement;
  • Provide ongoing research, documentation and analysis of the 16 languages and expand the language database for each language;
  • Maintain partnerships with other resources and expertise that can assist language revitalisation in the region;
  • Create films including documentaries, with Goldfields Aboriginal language and culture content

To discuss potential partnerships, contact the Senior Linguist at GALCAC in (08) 9021 3788 or via email