Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

Film Clips in Pitjantjatjarra

Links to fantastic clips using Pitjantjatjarra language: 

Ngayuku Voting Tjuma: Irrunytju Community

Ngayuku Voting Tjuma: Papulankutja Community

Kidney Disease Youtube clip

Verbs Youtube clip

Pronouns Youtube clip

Counting Youtube clip

Learning words Youtube clip

Lots of words and links to audio files

Lots of Pitjantjatjarra language resources

Resources in Pitjantjatjarra from NPY women’s group

Ara Irititja Project digital archives

An Uluru language publication with word list

Words in Pitjantjatjarra.

Body Parts and many more films in Pitjantjatjarra at the ICTV site

Pitjantjatjarra online course 

Resources available in Pitjantjatjarra

Alphabet Chart

A free downloadable Pitjatjatjarra alphabet chart is available here. GALCAC also stocks these charts in a rip-proof, water-proof material for $40. 

Body Parts Chart

A free downloadable Pitjatjatjarra body parts chart is available here. GALCAC also stocks these charts in a rip-proof, water-proof material for $40.

100 Words in Pitjantjatjarra Poster

This A0 sized poster is in full colour and suitable for the home, office, classroom or anywhere people would like to learn and use some language.

Available at GALCAC’s online shop or at the Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre in Boulder. Charts $15 each and associated USB of audios $15 each.

Pitjantjatjarra Dictionary

GALCAC stocks the Pitjantjatjarra Dictionary. Phone (08)9021 3788 or email to enquire about price and stock availability.

Marlpa analysis, comparing Marlpa with Pitjantjatjarra, Ngadju and Mirniny. 

Online Resources in Pitjantjatjarra Language

The Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages in the Northern territory has an archive of languages. 56 Pitjantjantjarra books can be found in this archives and are available for the members of the public to read. Click on the above link and agree to the conditions then you will be taken to the collection of Pitjantjantjarra books.

Pronoun Comparison Chart. 

This document compares pronouns in West Australian dialects of Pitjantjatjarra: Cundeelee Wangka; Pitjantjatjarra and Irrunytju Pitjantjatjarra. 

Download a copy of the document here