Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

GALCAC certification

GALCAC certification

GALCAC Certified Spelling

The Goldfields Aboriginal Languages Centre will certify material written using the standardised spelling system for Goldfields First Nation languages. Material certified can display the GALCAC badge of certification.

Each language of the Goldfields region has a standard spelling system determined by the Elders through detailed linguistic study. Documents that use the standard spelling can be certified as correct.

To apply for certification of material, contact GALCAC at 

Standard spelling systems are important to every language. A standard system is determined by careful, scientific analysis of the phonemes of a language. The phonemes are then matched as close as possible to the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. In the Goldfields region, this work is done through two studies;  a phonemic study and an orthographic study. Once linguists have completed a phonemic study, a workshop is held with Elders to decide which letters will be used to represent each sound. 

Using a standard spelling system is important for several reasons. 

  1. The standard spelling system respects the Elder’s directions about how their language will be written.
  2. The standard spelling system ensures a language is written correctly for the future.
  3. The standard spelling system enables readers and writers of the language to develop their skills using one spelling system.
  4. Non-English phonemes (sounds) can be represented using 2 letters (graphemes) in a regular manner.

If you have material that you would like to have certified as using the correct spelling system, first check this website for the spelling system of your target language. Then contact GALCAC for the material to be verified and a certification badge will be provided which can be printed on the material.