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The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre Aboriginal Corporation (GALCAC) is the peak body for the Goldfields, Western Australia,  First Nations languages. 

GALCAC began as a project in 2011 and developed into a language centre in 2016. Incorporated in 2020, GALCAC is a registered charity with DGR status. GALCAC is also a Registered Cultural Organisation (ROCO). 

GALCAC’s role is to work alongside speakers to record, linguistically analyses and database the First Nations languages of the Goldfields, WA, region in order to create preservation and use documents such as lexical databases, dictionaries and grammars. 

 This work is done in partnership with, and under direction from, each language group of the Goldfields.

GALCAC creates teaching and learning resources and opportunities,  in order for speakers to enjoy their language, pass it on to the following generations.

You’ll find lots of information about the languages of our region and GALCAC on this website but if you would like more, drop us an email via the contact form!

GALCAC’s work is underpinned by respect for the Tjukurrpa (law), wangka (language), ngurra (home), parna (country) and Yanangu (people). 

Training & Education

Cultural competency training (CCT) for members of the public. 

‘Speak, Read and Write Goldfields Aboriginal Languages’ (SRW) courses each month.

Creating Culturally Safe Organisations (CSO) is a high level 2-hour course run 4 times a year.

Check out the events calendar for dates.

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Watch out for up coming GALCAC events in the below ‘events’ section or checkout our Facebook page!

GALCAC runs monthly training events, the annual Goldfields Language Awards, NAIDOC week events and much more!

In 2023 head to Kalgoorlie for the ‘Wangka Kanyilku Wangkawa: Decolonising First Nations’ Languages Conference’ 24-26 Oct 2023.

Online Shop

GALCAC stocks a range of books and language resources in the Boulder office.

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Check out the films available on our Wangka YouTube channel.

New resources are being made all the time, so check back in every few months!


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