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‘The Warlpiri language is spoken by about 3,000 of the Warlpiri people in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is one of the Ngarrkic languages of the large Pama–Nyungan family, and is one of the largest Aboriginal languages in Australia in terms of number of speakers.’ Wikipedia 2018 

Warlpiri is traditionally located in the Northern Territory region of Australia. However, Warlpiri can be heard in the Goldfields region as people have married into or migrated into the Goldfields region. 

‘The main language group in the Ngarrkic family. Warlpiri covers a relatively extensive area to the northwest of Alice Springs. The main Warlpiri speaking communities are Yuendumu (Yurntumu), Lajamanu, Nyirrpi and Willowra (Wirliyajarrayi), with speakers also in Tennant Creek, Katherine, Alekarenge, Ti Tree and Alice Springs. There are around 3000 speakers of Warlpiri as a first language with many speakers of Warlpiri as a second or third language as well. Within the Warlpiri language group there are a number of mutually intelligible dialects with differences evident in pronunciation and vocabulary (Laughren et al 1996).’ (Central Land Council 2018)

Resources available in Warlpiri 

Videos and resources about and in Warlpiri language:

  1. Warlpiri language lesson
  2. Warlpiri Counting
  3. An Introduction to Warlpiri
  4. I love my Warlpiri language
  5. We are Warlpiri
  6. Light Warlpiri information
  7. Warlpiri language learning videos.

Warlpiri online Dictionary and downloadable tablet dictionary 

Warlpiri alphabet and pronunciation

Warlpiri Alphabet Poster

The Warlpiri alphabet poster is available at GALC in a beautiful, rip-proof poster suitable for the classroom, a child’s bedroom or the wall. 

A free download of the poster is available here

To purchase the Warlpiri alphabet poster, contact GALCAC on or phone (08) 9021 3788. Cost is $40 per poster.

Warlpiri Alphabet Chart

My First Warlpiri Alphabet Book

My First Warlpiri Alphabet Book and audios to accompany the words in the book

Warlpiri Dictionary

A comprehensive dictionary of the Warlpiri language available from GALCAC in the online shop.

Warlpiri Picture Dictionary

A picture dictionary of the Warlpiri language. Available in GALCAC’s online shop.

A Learner’s Guide to Warlpiri

Self teaching booklet and USB of audios. Available in GALCAC’s online shop.