Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

Nintila: 5-minute Phone Film Competition

Calling all aspiring film makers!!!! Get your phone out and make a film! 

GALC is very pleased to launch Nintila: 5-minute Phone Film Competition 2019

This film competition is for films between 3-5 minutes in length that contain at least 50% of the dialogue in a Goldfields Aboriginal language. That can be oral language, hand sign or written language. It may be one language or more than one. The languages must be Goldfields Aboriginal languages. Aboriginal English is a dialect of English so does not count towards the Aboriginal language content. (Yes, the language content will be translated and the number of words counted.)

There are 4 categories of entry, based on the producers age and gender with a $1,000 cash prize for each category:

Category 1 : Youth aged 16 to 22                  $1,000 prize

Category 2:  Women aged 23+                     $1,000 prize

Category 3 :  Men aged 23+                           $1,000 prize

Category 4 :  People’s choice film                $1,000 prize

Entries must be received at GALC by 4pm Friday 28th June 2019. Preference is for films on memory stick, however, you may submit via a DVD or via Dropbox.

The films will be shown at a public screening during NAIDOC week 2019, in Kalgoorlie on Saturday 13th of July between 12-4pm. The screening venue will be advised closer to the event. The viewing public will be voting on the films during the screening via polls on Facebook. Films will also be uploaded to this website for the wider public to view and vote as well.

Category winners will be announced at the end of the pubic screening. Come along and see your film on the big screen!

Here is the Nintila entry form including the terms and conditions. Please read carefully.

Here is a Nintila competition poster for printing and display on notice boards. Feel free to share on email.

Here is a Phone film making and editing  tips sheet on how to use a phone to film and edit the film. Info on the editing apps available is on this sheet.

Here is a link to a film made on a phone. The film is on Facebook so you will need to be logged into Facebook to view.

For further information or to discuss your film idea, phone (08)9021 3788 or email