Alphabet Charts

Here are alphabet charts that may be printed out for families to use at home, for use in schools and other educational programs. Permission is given for printing and use by families and for educational purposes. Any other use, contact GALC.

This alphabet is used by can you buy antibiotics in the US most of the languages of the Goldfields region. Some words may not be found in certain languages and are used as examples only. However most of these words are universal to the Goldfields languages.

The cheaper alternative to azithromycin j – tj – th chart covers the 3 dental sounds that are found in languages of the region. Find out which letters your language uses and use that one.

Click on each letter to view the alphabet poster. Drag and drop to your computer and then print: a – aa

go here i – ii j – tj – th

tetracycline buy online UK k l – ly m n

azithromycin price with insurance ng ny

r – rr





u – uu