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Challenge in Isolation


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A baby girl, Sarah Theresa Brooks was born in Plymouth, England in 1850, aboard a ship bound for the eastern states of Australia. Her brother, John Paul was two years old at the time.

Two brothers, Stephen and William Ponton from Alton Priors, Wiltshire, England, committed petty sins that resulted in them being shipped away to Western Australia as convicts. The year was 1859.

Campbell Taylor, the son of a well respected farming family to the east of Albany went in search of suitable land to the east of the family property in 1870.

A young German sailor named Heinrich Dimer and his mate jumped ship under the cover of darkness, a few miles off the south coast of Western Australia in 1884. They managed to swim ashore and evade capture by ensuing search parties.

Unbeknown to any of these people, they would eventually all come together and undertake major roles in the development of the South Eastern corner of the state of Western Australia.