Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

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Trade items

GALCAC stocks ochres, seeds, nuts, bush medicines, roo skins, fire making sticks, emu eggs, emu feathers, and tapping sticks for sale.

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Successful Fund Raising Event

The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre had a very successful fund raising event on Sunday 12 December 2021. The ‘High Tea on Burt St’ was held to raise funds for the Goldfields Aboriginal Arts Trail project run by GALCAC.

Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to the staff, friends and family members who volunteered on the day.

The Goldfields Aboriginal Arts Trail project aims to raise $11,000 to provide each of 11 Aboriginal Art Centres and galleries with 2 street signs directing traffic to their venue. This follows on from the very successful brochure development. The brochure can be found on the GALCAC website at ‘Goldfields Aboriginal Arts Trail’.

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