Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre

Nintila Training in NG Lands!

Training for the Nintila 5-minute Phone Film Festival is coming to the NG Lands, Laverton, Leonora and Menzies! It’s free and fun. Get in and make those 5-minute phone films with trainer, Rodney.

Nintila competition- there are 4 x $1,000 cash prizes up for grabs!

Everyone is welcome to attend the training. Bring your phone along to make a film. If you haven’t a phone, come along anyway.

Here are the dates and locations of the training:

Date Location Time Venue

23 May Blackstone all day 50 Cent shade

24 May Blackstone all day 50 Cent shade

25 May Blackstone all day 50 Cent shade

27 May Wingellina 9-4 NG Media

28 May Wingellina 9-12 NG Media

29 May Warakurna 12-4 Warakurna Hall

30 May Warakurna 9-12 Warakurna Hall

31 May Warburton 9-4 Warburton Office

1 June Warburton 9-4 Warburton Office

3 June Cosmo Newberry 9-4 Office

4 June Cosmo Newberry 9-12 Office

5 June Laverton 12 – 4 Laverton CRC/Library

6 June Laverton 9 – 3 Laverton CRC/Library

7 June Leonora 9-4 Ambulance Centre

8 June Leonora 9-4 Ambulance Centre

10 June Menzies 9-4 Menzies Aboriginal Corp

11 June Menzies 9-2 Menzies Aboriginal Corp

Be in it to win it and share your language, culture, community and events through a short film!

For more info on the film competition, see GALC’s previous blog post or our Facebook posts or email