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26 Feb: Women’s Book Writing Project

Fancy becoming a published author? Calling Goldfields Aboriginal women who have a children’s story book idea! GALC will be assisting 10 language speaking women to produce their first storybook, in the coming months. Each book will be published by GALC and will be bilingual. The stories will be in English and a language of the region. There are 2 places left in the project for women who’d like to work on a storybook. No experience is necessary and advanced literacy skills are also not necessary. Women book writers will meet at GALC on Friday mornings to work with the Linguists on the story writing and illustrations. If you’re interested in…


20 Feb: Storytime for Toddlers

GALC is very pleased to announce a new ‘Storytime for Toddlers’ program! GALC’s resident storyteller, Carmel, will visit child care centres for a 30 minute Aboriginal storytelling and craft activity session. The session include storybook reading, teaching the kids a song in language and tapping sticks. One session per child care room per year. Available for Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Coolgardie and Kambalda. These sessions are totally free and can be booked by phoning GALC on 9021 3788 or by completing a booking form and emailing to 


01 Feb: Maduwongga Phonology Paper Released

GALC is pleased to announce the launch of linguist, Gizem Milonas’s first research paper on the Maduwongga language. ‘Maduwongga Phonology’ can be found on the Wangka website now. Congratulations Gizem and Mrs. Nudding for all the hard work recording and analysing the language over the last 6 months! Much more work needs to be done on the language and the ladies will continue their recording work until a comprehensive dictionary can be printed. Maduwongga speaker Joyce Nudding and linguist Gizem Milonas  after language work at GALC


01 Feb: Alphabet Windows

GALC is very pleased to launch the ‘Alphabet Windows’ in Kalgoorlie! At the back of the GALC office, facing Kmart, there are 18 little windows. These were perfect for an alphabet display. Different languages use different alphabets so we made a display which shows all the possible letters for the Goldfields Aboriginal Languages. Have a look at our little windows and let us know what you think! Great display for parents and kids to use to chat about spelling. We’re in the process of making smaller sets for schools. Watch this website or our Facebook page for when they’re available!


08 Jan: New Papers by GALC

GALC linguists are pleased to announce the release of two new papers about languages of the Goldfields region. All papers written by GALC linguists can be found in the Research section of this website. The new papers can also be found below. Languages and Dialects of the Goldfields Region  by Sue Hanson. An Introduction to the Orthography and Grammatical Structure of the Ngaju Language  by Marion Mullin. These papers are available as downloads and may be used for personal research. For any other use, contact GALC at


13 Dec: Australian Linguistic Society 2017

Linguists from GALC, Gizem and Sue, attended the 2017 Australian Linguistic Society conference in Sydney last week. Both Sue and the remaining GALC linguist Marion presented linguistic papers at the conference. Marion’s paper was presented via video whilst Sue presented in person at the conference. Both papers will be available on this website in the ‘Research’ section very soon. Sue Hanson’s paper was, ‘Languages and Dialects of the Goldfields Region of Western Australia’. Marion Mullin’s paper was, ‘An Introduction to the Orthography and Grammatical Structure of the Ngadju Language’ The process of presenting papers on the research findings undertaken by linguists at GALC is very important because it ensures that…


16 Nov: Lexicography Workshop May 2018

Calling all dictionary makers!!! GALC is very pleased to announce the hosting of an intensive 5-day lexicography workshop for linguists and people involved in dictionary making. This workshop will be held at the Goldfields Arts Centre, Kalgoorlie from 7th to 11th May 2018. The workshop will be run by international lexicographers Michael Rundell (MacMillan Dictionary Editor) , Vojtěch Kovář and Milo Jakubíček of Lexicom This intensive lexicography and lexical computing workshop combines practical work and theoretical perspectives on the making of corpus-based dictionaries and training in the software to supports management of corpus data. The workshop topics include lexicography, preparation of material for online dictionaries, the matters around online dictionaries, conversion of Toolbox data into…


06 Nov: Training

The Goldfields Aboriginal Language centre offers a variety of trainings. The list of courses is growing so come back now and again to see what else we have on offer! 2018 courses: Cultural Competency Training (CCT) – monthly courses and group bookings Lexicography workshop – 7 – 11 May 2018 Translators and interpreters course – for fully fluent speakers of Goldfields Aboriginal languages To enquire about these training events or to discuss your training needs, contact us on (08)9021 3788 or  


01 Nov: Translators and Interpreters wanted!

The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre (GALC) is establishing an Aboriginal Goldfields interpreting and translating service for the region. Currently there are very few people who hold interpreting qualifications. Interpreters are needed for court appearances, hospitals and aged care, police, prisons, Centrelink and a wide variety of other services. Translating work on documents, posters, films, documentaries and a wide variety of material will also be undertaken. People interested in training and qualifying as an interpreter must: Fluently speak a Goldfields Aboriginal language as a first language. Understand and speak English to a high level. Undertake interpreter training with GALC. Undertake assessment with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. Be…