Ngarla Songs (CD)


These songs, known as yirraru by the Ngarla people, are public songs about images and events from everyday life captured in the poetry of the language, and sung in a traditional format which was modified by the individual composer. In these recording, ‘Sandy’ sings songs he learnt from 11 different Ngarla Elders.

Composers: Mirny-Mirnymarra Jingkiri, Wirrkaru Jingkiri, Yintilypirna Kaalyamarra, Wapirrku Kanturrpamarra, Katakapu, Kanturrpamarra, Pirrarna Makanykarra, Mingkarlajirri, Waparla Pananykarra, Jawalya Pilu and Jirlparurrumarra Piraparrjirri.

The Ngarla Songs CD includes 68 tracks.