Exile and the Kingdom (DVD)


This film makes the connection between Aboriginal people in chains in the 19th century and Aboriginal people in prisons today, so providing a deeper understanding of how the violence and denials of the past inform the present. Ultimately it shows that with their extraordinary resilience, Aboriginal people will survive and flourish.

Exile and the Kingdom argues that the relentless removal of the Yindjibarndi/Ngarluma people into coastal ghettos has led to the community’s current problems. The film moves us through the period of British colonisation – unearthing appalling facts about slavery adn the violent rule of pearling and pastoral overlords – to the abuses of the 1960s mining boom and problems of alcohol. Yet it never allows the viewer to forget the significance and influence of spiritual homelands, the bedrock upon which Yindjibarndi/Ngarluma tribal law is based.

Above all, Exile and the Kingdom is a beautifully logical and persuasive argument for land rights.